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Maize Milling Machine Disassembling Attentions

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Let us talk about Maize Milling Machine Disassembling Attentions today. Maize milling machine needs installation debugging when it is just put into production. During this period, it may need disassembling. So we should be very careful. If we don’t pay attention to these details, it may do harmful to the corn milling machine. 

 Maize Milling Machine Disassembling Attentions


The following are the points which we should pay attention to:
1. We need the most suitable tools for maize milling machine disassembling. Don’t hit or knock heavily to prevent the parts to be broken or be out of shape. 
2. Clear the surface soil or greasy dirt before disassembling. Keep clean during disassembling. 
3. After disassembling, classify and store the parts according to material nature and parts precision measure. 
4. Disassemble the maize milling machine according to needs. Try to disassemble the corn milling machine as less as possible, and don’t disassemble the equipment if there has no needs. 
5. Prepare enough for assembling of the maize milling machine when disassembling it. Notice to check the signs when we disassemble the equipment so as to improve its efficiency and accuracy. 
6. Disassemble the maize milling machine by sequence. Usually we dismantle the machine from accessories to master parts, from outer to inner, from the whole machine to assemble and finally to each part of corn milling machine. 


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