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Corn Flour Mill Malfunction

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How much do you know about CORN FLOUR MILL MALFUNCTION?

First, corn flour mill malfunction may happen to the spiral agitator:
1) The axle of the agitator does not turn caused by too much feeding or the driving belt slipping. 
2) There has no maize discharging at the discharging port caused by the wrong motor diversion, port blocking or mixing arm breakage.

Second, corn flour mill malfunction may happen to the motor:
The whole machine has more than ten sets of motors. Motor malfunction cannot be ignored. Too high temperature is one of the main reason of motor damage. All of the following factors may cause too high temperature: fuel starvation of the bearing, dirt mixing in the bearing, bearing damage or motor overload.

Third, corn flour mill may happen to the air lock valve:
The common reasons that cause air lock valve malfunction: the air leak at the joint part, impeller wear, and so on. If it is caused by the impeller wear, we can add a rubber board at the outer edge.

Fourth, we should install the separate power switch which is accordant with the rated power, with reliable ground lead. The single corn flour mill should install stable power supply according to the inst ruction book requirement.

We should make sure that each device and operation table-board are flat and fixed. Each corn flour mill should be checked and maintained in time to avoid the potential corn flour mill malfunction. Besides, corn flour mill cleaning work is necessary. And we should put it in the dry and clean place when we don’t use it.

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